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There comes a point in everyone’s life when they may no longer be able to take care of themselves. Nature calls for the families of each individual to take care of them, just as they were cared for when they were young. Unfortunately, careers and other matters of modern life can often make this a difficult task.

We understand that placing your loved one in an Assisted Living facility is an emotional process. The pressure and fear of making the wrong decision is real. Serious questions about care, community, and competency can leave you worried, skeptical, and afraid.

At CopperStone, we have a trusted team of professionals that will take your family by the hand and guide you through this important process every step of the way. We understand your fears and reservations.

Stop feeling overwhelmed and worried that you might make the wrong decision. Instead lean on us to walk alongside you and ensure you that your loved one gets the care, attention, and love they deserve. You can be confident that you honored your elder family member by providing them with the best care available in the Fox Valley.

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